24option complaints all over the internet

24 option complaints imageMost of the complaints are about the “account managers”. They constantly call you and they want you to deposit more and more money. They are so persistent and annoying. Otherwise, it is a good service. No price manipulation, no many withdrawal problems reported.
Many complaints were about the account managers that give many wrong signals (by the way, click here for my page of the best binary options signals around). So the trader loses the trades and they get the money. Some binary options traders claim that they give fake signals on purpose.
What is my conclusion? Don’t listen to the account managers or the signals available on the website and you will do good with 24 options.
Why? Because it has so many years around and the complaints are relatively few. Brokers that are not legitimate are closed after some years like Banc de Binary and many others. Read also my 24 option review conclusion below.

Here are some of the 24 option complaints by traders:

“I’m new to Forex and 24options in Cyprus account manager stalked me continuously to invest more and take a 100percent risk. He didn’t let me close the trade on a margin call. He pretended to be an expert in forex and aususd me that I’m in safe hands and they will guide me step by step. I’ve lost everything within 2 days opening the account. As an expert, he advises me to take a 100percent risk in one trade with 200 leverage. How can I complain about this? What can I do? Now they want me to 1. get a 40K loan and open 40 lots with 100percent risk 2. if not sell my house and invest in their company to recover my loss. Can anybody help me out with this scam?”
Here are more of the many complaints
“I would like to review what I have just gone through with one of your account manager by the name of Eric Smith. I was patiently listening to all stuff he had to say. When we were coming to the end of our conversation, I brought up a problem about a withdrawal problem using Skrill. He asked me if I wanted to close my account as well as I’m looking to withdraw my Money. He said he would not want to work with me if I am looking to withdraw my Money as he will not be making a profit. What good is making Money if withdrawal is an issue??! He was very rude. The problem with the Skrill verification has been dragging for weeks and it has not been resolved till now! He just hung up the phone after saying another account manager will contact me! ”
“This company is the worst and also all the account manager that push the people with the martingale and lose all money”
“i had the serious misfortune of trusting kyri kyirakou of 24 option binary after he induced me to invest money in a binary options program that did not function in ‘good time’ or corresponded with its recommendations n who has continued to harass me for well over a year after I closed my account n repeatedly asked to leave me alone.. they continue to telephone me late at night, once or twice a week n wake the entire household..”
but I also found this positive comment:
“I’ve been dealing with 24 options for the last 4 months. I could say I had a good experience with them. my initial deposit was 2500$ after not touching my money for three weeks, I withdrew $1300 from it, it took like a week but because It was the first withdraw. excellent. besides, I have an account manager who gives me tips on managing my account, and tips on how to enhance my acc. very happy 10/10. recommended. good luck”
Here is a comment I found on a forum by a user that had only one post.This one:
“I joined 24option broker as a newbie to binary options and made my lack of experience perfectly clear to my account manager. This agent of them named Mark was able to help me learn the basics and now I am able to make good trades. Excellent support!”
Many would say that looks like a fake one.
And one about robots
“I paid into 24options because I was guided by a robot to open an account and have the robot work for me. They refuse to make it work for me, they want me to trade with one of their account managers.
I don’t want that, and now I have to see how I can get my money back. A scam! But this happens with other brokers too, they just don’t want to let a robot work for you.”
Some of the few 24option complaints about returns, execution times and withdrawals
“Is 6th week waiting for withdrawal process  (5 months ago)”
“Have been trading with them for a while. Withdrawals take long sometimes but this is due to the payment method that I chose. Overall, I’m satisfied.”
I found really few comments for withdrawal issues though.
Here is someone impatient, like many other traders:
“Hi I got my money back now! I’ve got it last Friday. True to their words of 1-week processing. I think I judge them to early, I’m a bit hesitant and suspicious with brokers sometimes because I had a bad experience with my broker before. I’ve traded before with a few other firms and had issues withdrawing my money.24Option is responsible broker too. Reliable with straightforward procedures for withdrawal of profits. Sorry for making a fuss about them.”
I would like to mention here that the only broker without major complaints is Highlow. You can click here for my recent HighLow review.
Some controversial comments about customer service:
“Update on 24 option. they rang me and gave me the demo account I requested. I will test it out, hopefully, customer service has taken note of my problems. I will update this review later. Let’s keep an open mind lol”
“I was turned-off with their aggressive customer service before, you know when you’re a novice in this kind of things you want to take one step at a time. But now every transaction with them is seamless.”
Some traders do not read the terms & conditions:
“I didn’t use the account for a while and then realized I had been charged a withdrawal fee of about £50”
and the last ones before my 24option review:
“I like 24 Option.com because of the high trade size limits and the interface and decided to deposit £3,000. I was slightly put off with the low returns in comparison to other brokers though. The sales team/managers once you deposit only want you to trade with them so they earn commission on the volume of your trades and are very pushy trying to force you into depositing more money and taking their advice. I received slow execution times up to 3-4 seconds which I think is unacceptable in my opinion. I then asked to get a demo account to practice… and they told me I need to deposit more to get a demo even though I already deposited £3,000 and lost £3,000… Every broker has advantages and disadvantages but these are just too much, unfortunately! 5/10”
“I have traded with 24option binary broker and twice requested my deposit back..quickly they refunded my money..honest broker”
“The platform is good but here is what you need to know! The minimum investment you can make is £24 and they require you to make an initial deposit of £250. This is all good apart from the fact, that if you make a couple of loses £250 won’t be enough to recover.”
“No bad experience w/ 24option so far. Still trading with them for years now.”
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