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IQ option complaints on the entire web

Your capital may be at risk. This material is not investment advice.

Price manipulation complaints

There are some complaints about platform freeze or expiry strike being different than the market price. Sometimes, of course, the traders are frustrated because they lost a trade and they did not pay close attention to the time interval used.
Their platform is working in accordance with CySec rules and not cheating the clients. If you trust CySec 😉 . There was a fine issued for “not executing orders the best possible way for their clients”. This fine was withdrawn. I leave you to draw your own conclusions here. If you do not trust CySec, check popular brokers that are regulated by another organization, like my review of the Marketsworld broker or Highlow broker.
“I would urge everyone to stay away from this broker. If you start to win, they will play all sorts of games to stop you winning.”
“Not the first time IQ option has done it, but until today it was just a minimal difference! On MT4 or MT5 the candle is green (up) quite large whereas on IQ option you lose the trade because the candle is large and red! Ridiculous! Someone should close them down.”
“There are quite a few times when market is down and I try to purchase or buy but fail. I try like 20 times and the failed purchase notification pops up.”
I trade too, so I know how it is to be emotionally involved.
There are some exaggerated complaints about IQ option trading broker that are possibly not true.
Here is one: “But that’s where the problems start as well. Just as you start being profitable, after recouping any losses you made on your initial investment you start noticing some funny patterns – almost as if the trades you are betting on are being controlled so you don’t win (funnily enough, with the same strategy which was resulting in a 60% + success rate until now). I have actually gone back and reconfigured my strategies three times now, until they were giving me an average of above 60% profit and, surprise surprise, as soon as I consistently start taking in profits, suddenly the tide changes and I start losing again. It’s too much of a coincidence to be real.”
I think this is the same guy on another website:
“If markets are unpredictable, then my winning and losing should not be following a pattern as well. Which has led me to believe that IQ OPTIONS is a SCAM. STAY AWAY PLEASE! They have an algorithm at play that looks at your profits and if you are consistently raking in money, they put you on another algorithm that puts the brakes on your profit. That’s how they are making money off poor hopefuls like us who think we can earn something extra on the side.”
Another one:
I’ve been showing IQ on several occasions how they manipulate the server and rob people of their hard-earned money. I’ve sent all the necessary evidence and video to show them what happened. The server or somebody manipulated the system to let me gain my profit. The screen shows how the position was closed but still the server let my trade go against me and the platform started freezing and, while I was reporting this, it still shows that the positions were closed supposedly in profit but it didn’t close from there and the screen shows waiting for expiry. It happened twice altogether – 23 positions that they robbed me of.

IQ option withdrawal complaints

iqoption withdrawal complaintsBefore proceeding with the IQ option review, I found enough comments about problems with withdrawals. Some complained that the binary trading broker blocked their accounts after winning. Not all of them are true of course. By the way, here is the IQ option login page .
“They blocked my account without notice and they just explained to me that this is their right. I have $2700 in that account which is now blocked so I sent a complaint to SySEC.”
“I requested to withdraw funds via Skrill from the IQ option platform since I could no longer withdraw to my bank card. Then I was asked to provide all the copies of the credit cards I used previously to fund the trading account. Who keeps a bunch of cards, really????”
“I have deposited some funds using a debit card. I then wanted to withdraw funds but needed to send ID, which I did. Since making the deposit I then changed my card. I was told that I need to get a letter from the bank to prove that the debit card is mine since I haven’t…”
And a longer one:
“I deposited several times to this site – a sum of $1250. And after I verified my account and fulfilled the mandatory trading volume required for the bonuses, I made almost $5000 in one month.
Then I wanted to withdraw some of my earnings:
* Due to site’s restrictions, first I had to withdraw my first $1250 to my bank card that I used to deposit.
But after my request of withdrawal, they sent only $150 of it. I have contacted their support several times, but they only sent me some meaningless codes, and suggested I talk with my bank. And, as you see, I couldn’t get rest of this money.
* At this time, I also wanted to withdraw $500 with Skrill; they wanted to have my ID again (even though I’m verified) and my bank card’s scans… I sent them of course, but they didn’t verify my documents and send that money…
I also spoke with my friends and saw that they never let you withdraw more than $100-$150 and try to stall you somehow. So please stay away from that scam broker.”
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General Risk Warning: The financial products offered by the company carry a high level of risk and can result in the loss of all your funds. You should never invest money that you cannot afford to lose

Return changes

The most IQ option complaints I found were that they drop the return percentage too low sometimes.
“IQ option seems an attractive platform to trade on due to higher profit margins and ease of use. And once you get used to the strategies, the success rate can easily top 60%.”
“I also have evidence of them reducing returns to as low as 40%. When I attempted to make a withdrawal, my account was blocked with no warning.”
“Terrible broker. They only offer 40% profit sometimes and there is a complete lack of end of day options.”

IQ option poor customer service complaints

The last complaints before my IQ option review – there are some reliable complaints about the customer service because this broker is so popular and the support representatives are not enough.
Here is an example: “My account has been blocked without warning after I decided to deposit some money to start trading. I have sent an email on 25th Oct, 31st Oct and the most recent on 2nd Nov to seek assistance but seems there is no response at all. This website is DEAD!”
Major sources for the IQ option complaints:,,,

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