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reviews BDSwiss & complaints 2018

BDSwiss review

BDSwiss Review

A quick review of the services and binary trading options provided by the trading platform of Banc De Swiss – BDSwiss – will reveal to you that it is an exemplary broker with a lot of potential gains and maximum ROI. No wonder it’s quite popular among traders.
During my review of this broker I managed to place several types of trades, both long and short-term ones, ranging from One Touch to 30/60 seconds, currency pairs and ladders. It’s very unlikely that you won’t find any type of trade you desire with BD Swiss.

BDswiss regulation review

BdSwiss is licensed and regulated by Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission like many other trading brokers.
BDSwiss regulation review image 1

BDSwiss regulation review registration in EU image 2
source: BDSwiss jurisdictions

BDSwiss web trading platform video

Here is a nice video of the web trading platform. There is nothing I need to say here.

BDSwiss Payout Options review

With BDSwiss broker finishing a trade ‘out of the money ‘ doesn’t necessarily mean that as a trader you will end up losing all of your investment, simply because you put aside 5% – 10% of your initial investment in order to cut your losses in case of your trade being ‘off target’. Maximum payouts on this site range from 68% to 85%. So in other words ‘in the money’ here means high ROI whereas ‘out of the money’ is not a complete loss.
BDSwiss trading platforms

BDSwiss Account Type

The BDSwiss trading broker offers one type of account – which is referred to as a live trading account. The minimum trading amount is $1which is the lowest you can find.
This is considered a good opportunity for novice traders who are starting out and are too worried to risk large amounts of money.

BDSwiss mobile apps

bdswiss android app and ios appThe broker offers mobile trading applications both on android and iOS with very good ratings.
Here is a spot of the android app. Nothing important.

Available Assets

There is wide array of assets that are available for trading binary options at BDSwiss including stocks, currencies, commodities, and indices. When it comes to stocks, traders have access to renowned companies such as Apple, Microsoft, Citigroup, and RollsRoyce. As for commodities, those that are in hot demand usually are gold, coffee, oil, platinum, silver, and wheat. For currency pairings you can have the following: USD/GBP, USD/RUB, EUR/CAD as well as others. The indices accessible are NIKKEI225, NASDAQ, among others.

BDSwiss cryptocurrencies trading

bdswiss cryptocurrencies bitcoinThis broker offers bitcoin and other altcoins trading. Not that you can buy bitcoins. You just predict whether the cryptocoins will go up or down. Like any other binary options trading broker.
Let’s continue with more important things of this BDSwiss review.

BDSwiss withdrawal and deposit methods review

bdswiss withdrawal and depositBDSwiss offers fast, hassle-free and secure methods to traders wishing to deposit money into their trading accounts or make withdrawals. Among the popular methods we have credit cards, wire transfers, and eWallets such as Skrill and Maestro, among others. The minimum deposit or withdrawal is either 100 $ or 100 €, which is neither too low nor too high.
I want your comments or your reviews below on the withdrawal process – it’s interesting for many traders.
Here are the BDSwiss login and register page.
bdswiss minimum deposit and tading amount

BDSwiss Bonus

bdswiss customer service live chat
The BDSwiss binary broker doesn’t have a certain bonus scheme that can be identified in comparison to other broker sites. This is because the regulation authority Cysec has prohibited sign-up bonuses. But you can rest assured that as soon as you have opened an account with BDSwiss, periodic promotions and bonuses will come your way though somehow on limited scale and for specific periods of time. Being as such, bonuses and offers are checked regularly.

BDSwiss Customer Service review

Before your own BDSiss reviews, let’s talk about the customer service offered by the BDSwiss binary options broker. It is excellent, especially how it runs on a 24/7 basis. You can reach their support agent via e-mail, phone or live chat. Customer care staff are available to help traders with any binary options related problems that may arise unexpectedly.

BDSwiss demo account

BDSwiss offers a ‘demo account’ for Forex trading but not for binary options,as you can see from the screenshot of my account below. This is really disappointing. New or experienced, every trader would like a demo account for practising.
BDSwiss demo account

bdswiss scam photoIs BDSwiss a scam?

This broker may be annoying sometimes but it is not a scam. BDSwiss has been around since 2010 and its reliability is very good. I have not had any problem at all with them on the matter of platform. They are all good features is one or another way.
Click here to visit BDSwiss page

BDSwiss trading tutorial

Before my BDSwiss review summary I have included here a nice tutorial on how to trade binary options pairs, one touch options, short term and long term trades.
BDSwiss complaints on all websites

BDSwiss complaints
The first complaint is by me. I do not like that they are called “BDSwiss” when it is a Cyprus-based company, like most of them. This is a marketing tactic that I do not approve of.
The only serious BDSwiss complaint I found on all the websites I searched was this:
“I am Albanian, I was working there and we had an office in Tirana. Cysec means nothing at all – they changed the rules every day. First it was bonus to be traded 15 times, then when a client reached the volume they increased it to 30 times, it sucks. There are some Albanians that work there that they call “investor-gamblers”and they receive 5 euro for each 1000 euro they grab from customers, heheheh.”
Many binary options brokers use this tactic, by the way. Now, Cysec has forbidden the bonuses for this reason.
Before proceeding with your BDSwiss reviews,

another long complaint worth reading

“They lure customers to deposit large sum of money and make them lose for their own benefit. This is the height of unethical behavior in this day and age. I am highly disgusted by my experience at BDSWISS!!!. They don’t seem to have an explanation as they stopped replying to my messages which just proved my point right. I had the worst experience ever – see my story below.
The account manager called me to explain how things work and because I told them I didn’t have experience in trading he lured me into depositing €1000 and advised he would assign me to the “BEST TRADER”. He also advised they never encourage customers to trade with over 5% of their account balance. I only managed to get through to this ” BEST trader” after 3 days of non-attendance to meeting we scheduled. We finally had a Skype call on the last Friday of January (16th) when he told me that was the NFP period – this is when the traders get very good signals on Forex and first trades, he then gave me signals to trade 3 time.
He made me trade with 50% of my account balance and I lost all my money as all three trades were losses – nothing went as the account manager discussed. For example, Micheal (BEST TRADER) should have not made me trade with over 50%
of my balance and all 3 trades he advised resulted in a loss. As you can
imagine , I was not happy about this as I trusted his instincts and decision.
I understand how the market works, you lose and win some but he still
suggested to continue trading with a large sum of money considering I am a
new trader. At this point I stopped trading even though he kept sending me information on what to trade – didn’t want to lose money – so I emailed the account manager to complain and he advised he would assign me to a new trader called Paul.
Paul then called me and advised me to deposit another £1000 and said that he can
guarantee me a return on 3000 because NFP is the first Friday of every month and that’s the only time he trades. This just sounded like a joke to me.
I just lost 50% of my account balance because of a silly trader called Michael whom I was told was the best trader and now they want me to deposit more money?! Jokeee.
First Micheal told me NFP was last Friday and now Paul
said it’s the first Friday of the month. I just didn’t know who/what to believe, I
almost feel I’m being taken advantage of here because I lack experience. I
am very upset about my experience and I would not recommend anyone to go to BDSWISS. I am still shocked the traders advised me to trade with over 50% of my balance, I have had the worst experience ever.”
As I have said in many binary options brokers’ reviews (like my 24option review  and others) that use this tactic: do not listen to the account managers and you ‘ll be fine.
bdswiss login and register page

BDSwiss withdrawal complaints and problems

The good thing here is that all the complaints about BDSwiss were in fact for the account managers and how they try to get people to deposit more money. No other complaints about withdrawal problems or platform problems. That is a really good sign.
Click here to visit BDSwiss and register
Let’s move on to my short review.
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